Why is Boxing Day the best day to list your property?

November, 2022

Boxing Day sales do not just apply to the retail industry, it also applies to the property industry too. According to Rightmove, it is the most popular day of the year for buyers who are searching for their new home. Find out how to make the most of the Boxing Day Boom!

Why is boxing day the best day to list your property?

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. In December everyone puts all their energy into Christmas, but once the hype is over, people start looking for their next new adventure. It’s a time when families are together, relaxed and still feeling a bit merry from the big day! People are often thinking about their next new adventure, whether that be moving house or looking for a new job.

What do I need to do to get my home ready for Boxing Day.

First thing you need to do is make sure your home is staged ready for the market. Click here for more information on home staging this time of year. Once your home is staged, contact local estate agents that you know have a proven track record of selling properties in your area to come out and value your home. Ask the agent what their opening hours are over the Christmas period. You need to make sure your agent will be available to post you property onto the portals and follow up any new enquiries as and when they come through. Once you are happy, instruct one as soon as possible and ask them to take the photos of your home before you put the Christmas decorations up.  Ask your estate agent to upload your property to the portals on Boxing Day morning to ensure you capture all those looking on this day.

Please note that just adding a property to the portals at the right time isn’t the most important part when marketing your property, make sure you are happy with the listing and the photos the agent has taken before it is published online.

What preparation do I need to do before photos are taken?

The photos are the shop window for your home. This is what will entice a buyer more than anything to come and look at your property so please take note of these tips.

  • Switch all lights on / curtains / blinds open. Light is crucial for good photography.
  • De-clutter and de-personalise where possible
  • Use plants to brighten up images.
  • Neutralise your home. If you have very bold colours, it would be worth painting all rooms a neutral colour. You need the buyer to be able to envisage themselves living in your home.

The description

Ask yourself why you live in your house, and what makes your house special. Ensure that these selling points are added to the description because this is likely to help sell your home. It is useful for the agent to add capitals into the description, bold where possible. The reader needs to be engaged with the content.

What price do I list my home for?

You may feel tempted to go for a price which looks like it is value for money, for example £199,995 but please make sure you discus Rightmove price points with your agent before committing to this. By taking off £5.00 you could be putting your home on page 3 of the search results, and therefore missing out on key interested buyers. Do some research yourself. Ask yourself what price do you put into the search criteria? Most people add rounded values into their search, for example, £200,000 will appear closer to the top of the search than £199,995. It’s key to have the price as a whole number as people will search between two figures so they might have 200,000 to 300,000 so if you’re 199,995 you miss that range and therefore don’t get seen. You want your house to be seen first.

What do I do if I am not happy with the listing?

You are in control of your house sale, and if you are not happy, you need to notify your estate agent immediately. HS Homes of Solihull will always send draft listings over to you before being published to ensure complete satisfaction.

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