Autumn Staging Guide

September, 2022

Home staging is when a seller prepares his or her property for sale. It it about creating an experience for potential buyers so they are able to see themselves living in your home.

It usually starts with a declutter, which makes the property seem more inviting. Where necessary, you might also decide to redecorate. Depersonalising your home and repainting with neutral colours can also help people envisage themselves in your home.

Usually when you are selling your home during the Autumn months, people are hoping to be in by Christmas, so creating that festive feel plays a big part when staging in the Autumn.

Here are a few staging tips if you are thinking of getting your home on the market this Autumn.

Kerb Appeal

Just because the weather is cooling doesn’t mean that your buyers don’t want to see the outside space. From the moment a prospective buyer pulls up outside your home, they will usually have made a decision on how it feels before they have even stepped through the front door.

  • Tidy up the garden, mowing the lawn, de-weeding and repainting the fence.
  • Clean the windows and repaint the front door where necessary.
  • Leave out your garden furniture to show your viewers exactly how they can utilise the garden with their family and guests.

To add an autumnal touch, consider a wreath made from deep oranges and brown tones, a classy way to incorporate the season into your décor.

Keep the hallways clear

In autumn, these spaces are often cluttered with raincoats and muddy boots. Make sure to deep clean the space making it warm and inviting for your viewers.

Add some Autumn decor

Each room should have a piece of seasonal spirit in rather than revolving around it. Consider a singular piece of artwork, floral arrangement, or pumpkin display. Try to avoid letting your home get taken over by the season!

Use Autumn scents

A good smelling home will always seem more appealing than an old damp and musty smelling home.

Use candles and diffusers to allow scents to float around your home. Pumpkin and burnt orange align with the seasons but be careful not to use too many contrasting scents.

Dress the dinner table

As the dark nights begin to draw in, our homes truly become our sanctuaries. So, when buyers are viewing in autumn, they are already thinking of the festive period they will enjoy Showing potential buyers how great your home is for hosting is important.

Lay the table, complete with an autumnal runner, crockery and glassware. This will make the room warm and inviting, encouraging buyrs to imagine their friends and family enjoying the entertainment space.


Lighting is crucial when staging your home in any season.

Without enough lighting, your home will look dark and uninviting. On the other hand, if the lighting is too intense, the space will look too big and cold.

Soft, freestanding lights tend to work better than brighter overhead bulbs. Use a collection of table and floor lamps to create a subtle glow around the home, complimenting any natural light rather than overpowering it.


If you have a fireplace, make this a focus point. The warm embers and soft glow of an original fireplace will be enough to entice any buyer.

Dried flower arrangements

Flowers are an excellent final touch for styling any home. They allow you to add just the right amount of personality along with a pop of colour to every room. However, autumn is not the optimum time for fresh flowers.

Consider instead investing in a few dried bouquets to dot around the property. These look incredible, stand the test of time, and can be easily transported to your new home.

Earthy tones are perfect for autumn and be sure to add in some bright yellows to liven up the room.

Thinking of selling?

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