What are warm spaces?

October, 2022

Warm Spaces are totally free to use and will provide a warm welcome to all.

Some venues will also offer hot drinks, activities and other services such as free wi-fi. Warm Spaces will be heated, safe, friendly, neutral places where you can comfortably spend time reading, studying or chatting with others.

How to find a warm space near you?

Check in with your local council or community group to see what they are doing in tour area to help with the energy price crisis. Alternatively you can search for a warm space here.

What is Solihull doing to help its residents this winter?

A mobile 'warm hub' is coming to Solihull to help those who might struggle with rising energy bills in the coming months. The opening of the hub comes as Solihull residents face an eye-watering leap in energy bills from October.

In a bid to tackle fuel poverty and rising living costs, Solihull Council say the mobile warm hub will visit Shirley every Tuesday for several weeks. The hubs will provide friendly chat, free refreshments and get information and advice on energy savings, home safety and access to more community support.

The idea behind the warm hub is to provide essential advice to worried residents on paying their energy bills, and a space for the community to prevent social isolation, the council say.

Organised by Warwickshire Rural Community Council (WRCC) and supported by Cadent.



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