Wardrobe de-cluttering tips

September, 2022

Tired of seeing those old, out-of-date clothes in your closet? Let this guide help you declutter your wardrobe and keep it organised. With these tips, you’ll be able to choose what outfits you want to wear based on how they look, not because you can’t find anything else!

Start off small

If you're completely overwhelmed by the amount of clothes in your closet, start with the hanging items. The first thing to do is go through each hanger and remove all the garments that are folded up inside it. Next, group together like items. This will help you determine which clothes get donated right away. Check pockets for old receipts or love notes, as well as check for holes in a garment's fabric or stitching before deciding if it needs to be tossed out.

De-clutter one section at a times

  • If you haven't worn something in twelve months, get rid of it. If it's something that could come back into style, keep it for now.
  • Keep one backup of everything-- this includes shoes, jewellery, scarves, handbags etc. The idea is not to ever have to buy that again, but you can still wear it when your original goes missing or breaks.
  • Store out-of-season clothes in boxes so they're easy to find next time they're needed, rather than tossing them in a pile on the floor and forgetting about them.
  • Give everything in your wardrobe a home (a drawer, hanging rail, dresser) which makes it easier to put things away each day/night.
  • Try to pack as much as possible into drawers and hanging rails so there are no piles of clothes on the floor (keeping clean things separate from dirty).

Make piles based on what to do with the items

  • Keep - Items that fit, look great, go with other items in the wardrobe. You'll probably wear them at least a few times per year.
  • Donate or sell - Items you haven't worn in the last year (at least) but aren't damaged or of terrible quality and don't need extensive cleaning or alterations.
  • Bin - Items that are damaged, uncomfortable or otherwise unwearable.

Keep like for like items together

When storing clothes, it is important to keep like for like items together. There are a few storage options that you can use: plastic boxes, hangers, drawers or shelves. All of these methods have advantages and disadvantages. 

Store items in space saving baskets and containers

Using baskets, cubes, and bins can help create more space in your wardrobe by helping you clear out clutter. This can save on time as well because it's easier to find things when they're neatly arranged in front of you.



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