Moving Home Gift Ideas

March, 2024

Moving into a new home is a significant milestone, and thoughtful gifts can help make the transition smoother and more memorable. Here are some ideas:


A vibrant houseplant can add a touch of greenery to their new space and brighten up their home.

Personalised Doormat

A custom doormat with their family name or a welcoming message is a practical and thoughtful gift that adds a personalised touch to their doorstep.

Homeowner's Toolkit

A basic toolkit with essential tools like a hammer, screwdriver set, measuring tape, and utility knife can come in handy for various DIY projects around the house.

Gift Hampers

Treat them to a hamper filled with delicious snacks, chocolates, and specialty treats to enjoy during their first days in their new home.

Cookbook or Recipe Box

Help them break in their new kitchen with a cookbook featuring easy and delicious recipes, or a recipe box filled with family favourites and handwritten recipes.

Candle Set

A set of scented candles in soothing fragrances like lavender or vanilla can create a cosy atmosphere and help them unwind after a long day of unpacking.

Smart Home Device

Consider gifting a smart home device like a voice-controlled speaker or a smart thermostat to help them automate tasks and make their new home more efficient.

Home Decor

Choose a piece of home decor such as a decorative vase, wall art, or a stylish throw blanket to add personality and charm to their new space.

Gift Card

A gift card to Homesense, John Lewis or B&Q gives them the flexibility to purchase items they need for their new home, whether it's paint, furniture, or decor.

Cleaning Service Voucher

Treat them to a professional cleaning service to help them freshen up their new home and take the stress out of cleaning before they settle in.

Remember to consider their personal tastes and preferences when choosing a gift and include a heartfelt note to congratulate them on their new home.

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