How To Value Your Home

April, 2022

You’ve probably thought about selling your home at some point but not too sure what you could get for it in the current market. One thing that can help you determine whether your home is worth selling is to find out what it’s worth on the open market—and here’s how to do that.

Start with research

The first step towards learning how much your home is worth involves pulling together some numbers.

Go online and check Rightmove and Zoopla for similar homes in your area that have sold or are currently on the market.

Take a look at their locations, you need to be comparing properties that in a similar location. It’s no-good comparing B90 properties with B91 as these two postcode areas have different values 

Look at the photos of these properties and compare the condition of these properties to yours. If a property has been extended or has been completely renovated to a high specification, this might not be a fair comparison.

If a comparable property has been on the market for more than 12 weeks and is still available, look at the reasons why. The property could have been over valued therefore do not use this as a comparable.

Understand the current property market

To get the best understanding of the current property market, check out the UK House Price Index from The Land Registry which shows recent selling prices both in your local area and nationally.

Also taking into considerations what you observe in your neighbourhood, such as:

1. How many properties are selling in your area?

2. Is there any construction work going on that would put people off moving to your area?

3. What is crime like in your local area?

4. What catchment areas are you in and what the local schools are like?

Use online tools

There are several online instant valuation tools that are available to us, these can be useful, but it is always good to bear in mind that these tools do not take into consideration any cosmetic work or extensions to your home.

Click here to get an instant valuation on your home.

Don’t overvalue your home

When you’re selling your home, it’s tempting to ask for as much money as possible. Many homeowners tend to price their homes high, only to watch them languish on the market or sell for a lower price than they would have if they’d been more realistic about pricing from day one 

Choose a good Estate Agent

With lots of agents to choose from, choosing the right agent is crucial.

Choose one that:

  1. Communicates with you well from the get-go
  2. Will go the extra mile to ensure you are happy and well supported
  3. Understands the local area
  4. Has your best interests at heart

Once you have assessed the value of your own home and now want a second opinion, please get in touch with us today.

Thinking of selling your home?

HS Homes of Solihull is a small independent estate agent based in Shirley, Solihull. If you are interested to know what your home is worth, call us on 0121 430 4448. Alternatively, click here to book a free market appraisal.

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